About Us

Joseph’s Journey was started by Joseph’s parents, Kim and Vickie Steuart, and his sister, Teresa. They witnessed first hand what children with life-threatening illnesses have to endure. Joseph’s family also observed the many medical procedures involved and believed that no person should have to endure them.

Joseph had an unfulfilled dream of going on a caribou hunt. When going through his room after his death, Joseph’s parents found a box of change that Joseph had been collecting along with a note stating “For my caribou hunt”. It was because of this and the care Joseph always showed for other children that they decided to help fulfill other children’s wishes for wilderness experiences. Whereas other wish-granting organizations do not provide anything to do with hunting, Joseph’s Journey does that and much more.

Joseph’s Journey is dedicated to providing wilderness experiences to children with terminal and life-threatening illness. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, everything we do is made possible through donations of money, goods, and services and through the time and efforts of dedicated volunteers.

We provide a unique service. Established wish-granting organizations provide vacations and other experiences, but they do not offer wilderness adventures. Our adventures include hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, climbing, and more - it’s up to the child. We use only experienced, qualified guides to lead these journeys, and all safety requirements and rules are rigorously followed. We are not limited to serving Colorado. Children from all US states will be considered.

Board of Directors

Kim Steuart - Founder   Vickie Steuart - Founder   Dr. Ralph Quinones
Kim Edmiston   Nick Pergola   Dan Hartman
Henry Snape   Karen Smith