Journey 14
August 26, 2003

On August 26, 2003 a 14 year old fighting AML- Leukemia, having gone through a bone marrow transplant and now has complications from severe Graft Versus Host Disease went fishing in a boat. He caught two nice size walleye's, about 17 to 17 1/2 inches, three dandy rainbow's around 16 - 18 inches and one little bass. He also had about six or more fish get off. The action was very good and kept him busy. He was very excited about catching some species he had never caught before. He had a wonderful time and enjoyed fishing in the boat. After a great day of fishing and lunch he went home with an Eagle Claw rod and reel combo. He was thrilled. We contracted with Troll-In-Thunder Fresh Water guides to provide this journey

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