Journey 15
January 12-15, 2004

On January 12th - 15th, 2004 a young man 18 years of age who has been fighting Leukemia since he was 11 years old and endured many chemo treatments for over 5 years of his life was able to go on a deer hunt in Waterton Canyon. This journey was provided with the help of the Colorado Division of Wildlife who provided the license and experienced guide to hunt with this young man. They were very dedicated and hunted all day on Jan. 13th and 14th from dawn to dusk.

They had a very good time and had the opportunity to see game each day which made the journey even more enjoyable. They were not able to bag a deer, but enjoyed their time in the outdoors. Joseph's Journey provided meals and a room at the Holiday Inn Express nearby so this young man could thoroughly enjoy his experience without the worry of driving home from Longmont each night and returning early each morning.

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