Journey 23

On November 14, 2005, a 16 year old boy from Oregon who is fighting a rare form of sinus cancer arrived in Denver, was met and taken to The Sportsmen's Warehouse where he was completely outfitted for his elk hunt. Thanks to The Sportsmen's Warehouse who donated the clothes and boots the boy needed for the hunt. This family travels over 260 miles one way for the boy's cancer treatments which puts an additional financial burden on them. After being outfitted the boy and his Father were taken out to dinner and spent the night at a Hotel hear the airport.

On November 15th they flew from Denver International Airport to the Yampa Valley Airport in Hayden, Colorado. They were provided a rental car and drove to Ute Lodge who donated their entire lodging, meals and guided elk hunt. This young man had a successful hunt and harvested a 5X5 bull elk. Special thanks to Ute Lodge, Bobby Castaldo, and the Division of wildlife who helped make this a successful journey with their help of obtaining the elk tag.

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