Journey 24
Caribou hunt August 19 -25, 2006

On August 19 a 14 year old from Montrose, CO. and his father traveled to Quebec, Canada to hunt Caribou. This young man is currently fighting a form of Lymphoma. They flew from Montrose to Canada and had to take a charter flight in a seaplane to get to the hunting camp. The hunt was successful and this young man harvested not one but two caribou. Two caribou are allowed per tag. This young man got the largest caribou that was taken in camp. They had a great time and were able enjoy several other experiences during their stay in camp before their return home. These included fishing, scouting with the guide for the next group of hunters, hunting ptarmigan (a type of grouse like bird), gathering and eating wild blueberries. On their return home the young man was able to sit next to the pilot in the cockpit of the seaplane, he thought that was" really cool". The hunt was provided by Jack Hume Adventures.

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