Journey 27
On May 12 - 22nd, 2007, Camping in an RV trip

On May 19th a 10 year old from Nebraska was able to have his request of a camping trip before he died. We received an emergency call from a social worker at Children’s Hospital on May 9th. She said this boy was terminal and wanted to go camping one last time. They thought he only had a couple of months left to live. He had been fighting cancer since he was 2 years old and also went through a bone marrow transplant. After contacting the family we learned they wanted to stay fairly close to home and just be with family. They had a large lake nearby where he wanted to go camping and fishing. We rented an RV with a slide out for 10 days for him. We wanted one with as much room as possible as the boy was in a wheel chair. We were lucky and obtained an RV to rent for 10 days starting Saturday May 12th. The RV rental companies were closing out the old models and waiting to get in the new ones, most had no rentals available. The boy and his family enjoyed 6 good days before he lost his battle and died on May 19th, 2007. Joseph's Journey covered expenses for food and camping fees and included firewood, fixings for smores, and a remote control boat for when the fishing was bad.

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