Journey 29
On September 17 - 29th, 2007- Moose Hunt in Canada

A 14 year old girl fighting ALL Leukemia went on a Moose Hunt provided and donated by Ken Gangler of Canadian Sub-Arctic Hunts in Manitoba, Canada Carl Wall, Executive Director of Manitoba Lodge & Outfitters Assoc. was a great help in putting this journey together. He arranged for a Moose tag to be donated and contacted Ken Gangler to provide the hunt. He also arranged for their overnight stay in Winnipeg to be donated by The Four Points Sheraton. Without his help we could not have provided this journey for 2007 as all the Moose tags were sold out for 2007and we would have had to wait until 2008 or later.

The hunt was enjoyed by the girl and her father who had a wonderful time and had many great experiences. They flew from their home to Winnipeg, Manitoba on Sept. 17th spent the night, then flew from Winnipeg to Lynn Lake to catch the float plane to the camp base up North. They were at the camp from Sept. 19th – 27th. Their guide called in a very large Moose; they say it was most likely a record bull. The girl had several chances but just couldn’t shoot the Moose. It was reported that they had a great time nonetheless. Joseph’s Journey covered additional meals, and necessities while not at camp and their flights and lodging at Lynn Lake.

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