Journey 30
On September 26 - 30th, 2007- White Tail Deer Hunt in Michigan

A 20 year old from Michigan who has had a kidney transplant and is still on dialysis every 3 days along with multiple other problems wanted to go White Tail Deer Hunting.

We received a request from the young man's Grandfather.

Because of the limited amount of time between his dialysis and the special no or very low impact rifle he would need to use, this journey was impossible for Joseph's Journey to do alone. We merged our efforts with The Tony Semple Foundation For Hope to make this journey happen for this young man.

Our young man was given an opportunity to hunt at Deer Tracks Ranch in upper Michigan.

He got his deer the first night!

He was also joined by his Grandfather.

This journey was the result of a true partnership between Joseph's Journey and the Tony Semple Foundation for Hope, which also sponsored 3 other young men with serious illnesses to hunt at the same time.

Ted Nugent called our young man to wish him luck before his hunt!

Many thanks to Deer Tracks Ranch, Tony Semple and Craig Mortz who all worked extremely hard to make this journey happen.

All involved had a great time!

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