Journey 32
On December 5th - 8th, 2008- Buffalo Hunt in Colorado

An 11 year old boy from Maryland, who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta is wheelchair bound and has gone through 17 surgeries and numerous medical procedures, was able to enjoy a buffalo hunt donated by SCI, The Four Corners Chapter of Safari Club International.

Joseph’s Journey flew him from Maryland to Cortez, Colorado.

Lodging, meals, transportation, including a wheelchair accessible van was provided for this journey.

The hunt was a success, and the young man had an excellent/fun time.

The processing of the meat was donated by The Four Corners Chapter of Safari Club International.

A special thanks to Service By Air, Greg Zinn and Tracy Cartwright, who are providing the logistics to get the meat shipped to our young man in Maryland. A lot of meat!

Greg went above and beyond for Joseph's Journey and this young man. He personally went to Durango to pick up the processed meat from "The Buck Stops Here" wild game processors, had to spend the night due to adverse weather and miscommunications (at his own expense).

And a huge thanks to Jonas Brothers Taxidermy for donating the mounting of the buffalo head. The head was completed and shipped to our young man on April 29th. Another thank you goes to Forward Air for shipping the buffalo head.

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