Journey 35
January 31,2011- Colorado Goose Hunt

A 17 year old young man fighting Large cell, B-cell Lymphoma went on a goose hunt in Colorado, near Gilcrest.

The hunt was provided by Banded Hunts With Joseph's Journey providing a hotel room the night before with meals and gas money, and was donated by Eric Pears (NFL Football player for the Oakland Raiders)

Erik accompanied our young man and his mother on the hunt.

Erik set up the hunt and made all the arrangements with Banded Hunts.

Banded Hunts gave Josh some gifts, hats, shirts etc.

It was the 2nd coldest day of the year, but our young man managed to get a Goose!

Here is a note from his mother.

The hunt was a lot of fun. We stayed in Greeley because we would meet up at 6:00 am and boy are we glad we did, we woke up to an ice storm and the it took us awhile to unthaw the pickup, and the roads were a solid sheet of ice. We ended up meeting at 7:00 am at Gillcrest.

It was cold but any hunter knows that is the chance you take. One of the other guys brought a propane heater and we stayed nice and warm in the goose blind. The geese didn’t cooperate very well but the young hunter was still able to get one. I think we had 9 total with 6 shooters. They asked where my gun was but it was all about my son, so I didn’t take mine. Erik was really nice. The geese were slow to come in so we broke for lunch around 3:00 and then went back out but the geese wanted to sit tight from the weather. The Banded Hunts guys were really nice. We got home around 7:30 and luckily my son doesn’t have school today because of the weather so he will get to sleep in. I will send you pictures hopefully tonight. I didn’t take a lot because if you took your gloves off they were frozen in an instant! Thank you so much for putting this together

Thanks to Kim and Vickie from Joseph's Journey and the NFL player, Erik Pears, and Banded Hunts.

Joseph's Journey brings hope to children through adventures. Erik paid for the hunt and Kim and Vickie picked up the rest of the expenses. Luke from Banded Hunts met us and gave my son some t-shirts and a stocking hat from Banded Hunts which was nice and we were joined by Jason and his son Jayden from Johnstown.

We had fun visiting with the other guys and getting to know them. Jason and his son brought a propane burner that we were thankful for because it was freezing outside and we were nice and toasty in the pit. Erik offered to let me shoot his gun, which was nice, but it was just fun to get to go along. You can bet I will take my gun next time!

I couldnt wait any longer, I had to ask Erik how tall he was.

7'2" lol, he is really 6'8"! Made us look like midgets. My son was able to shoot one goose. He had to get out of the blind to do it because it just flew up and landed again, just like a pheasant. He shot at a second one and it was a group effort to bring it down. We had fun. We broke for lunch late because we kept trying to wait the geese out and when we came back, guess what was sitting in the field?
There were a total of 9 geese shot that day.

They just didn't want to fly in because of the weather.

It really didnt matter, we had fun. Now, my son is already looking forward to a bear, moose or caribou hunt!

Dream big! For all that I saw you go through, you deserve it all!

It was a good time!

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