Journey 36
June1 - 1,2011- Wyoming Bear Hunt

An 18 year old who is fighting a rare form of Soft Tissue Sarcoma (Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor) went on a Bear Hunt in Auburn, Wyoming (near Jackson Hole, WY.) His guide was Tedd Jenkins of Jenkin's Hunting Camp. Lodging was provided by Snider's Rustic Lodge in Thayne, WY

Because of the seriousness of this young man's illness and the spreading of the tumors to his lungs, it was decided to stop his current treatment of chemo and radiation and possibly seek treatment out of state. Because of this we had very little time to work with. Once all the paperwork was received we arranged the hunt in less than one week. On the night we booked the airline tickets Thursday May 26th, this young man came down with Pneumonia. His Doctor said he could still go on the Bear Hunt as long as his temperature stayed down. He still wasn't feeling well Sunday but managed to catch his flight on Wednesday June 1st.

Thursday June 2 was the first day he hunted. After about 2 hours his mother was just about to call off the hunt for the day because it was starting to snow. The young man was starting to cough and shiver. She had her eyes closed when her son poked her with his elbow, she saw a beautiful bear coming down the hill toward them, it's fur glistening in the sunlight. This was his bear and it was a successful hunt! It was not the biggest of bears but it had a beautiful coat.

They were able to return home early on June 4th for some much needed rest for the young man.

Tedd Jenkins and his family of Jenkin's Hunting Camp went out of their way to make this Journey happen. He was very flexible the whole way with dates and times even providing transportation both ways for them at the airport in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Jymme from Snider's Rustic Inn also made them feel welcome and helped in any way he could. He lent them his car so they could go into town to buy supplies.

The young man and the Mother had nothing but praise for both of them who made their Journey very comfortable. Special Thanks to them both.

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