Journey 37
July 24 - 27,2011- Fly Fishing/Float Trip

A 13 year old girl who is fighting Ewing Sarcoma wanted to learn how to fly-fish.

She has had a quarter of her pelvis removed along with numerous surgeries and sometimes needs a walker or wheelchair to help her get around.

She knew how to tie flies but never had the opportunity to learn how to fly-fish.

She was sent on a Journey to Breckenridge, CO. where a guide from The Mountain Angler provided her with a fly-fishing lesson and an all day float trip the following day so she could try out her new skills.

During the fly-fishing lesson at a local stream she caught one fish. She also caught fish during the float trip which took place at Antero Reservoir.

All costs including lodging, meals and the outfitter fees were all paid by Joseph's Journey. The Mountain Angler worked with us very well to accommodate this girl needs and gave us a discount for the Journey.

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