Journey 39
Bear Hunting - Colorado, September 2 - September 7, 2011

A 17 year old young man who is in remission from Lymphoma requested to go on a Bear Hunt.

After applying for and receiving a Dream Hunt Tag from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, he and his Mother went to Rye, Colorado on September 2nd where they stayed with Steve Martinez of Southern Colorado Outfitters.

Steve donated his services as guide and outfitter to guide this young man on his bear hunt.

Their Journey was cut short and they were back home on September 5th.

On Saturday September 3rd, after hunting for only an hour this young man got his Bear!

With the expert skills of Steve Martinez they were able to track down and bag the bear, his 1st big game animal, a 200 to 250 lb Cinnamon bear. It was a 114 yard shot.

Several other bears were spotted in the area as well.

Steve Martinez even went so far as to arrange to have the hunt filmed by Chad from Sportsmen of North America, and lined up a taxidermist, Ron Minton with Heritage Taxidermey, who is donating his services and making a bear rug.

Click the bear picture to watch the Sportsmen of North America feature:

Statement from the Mother of our bear hunter regarding the video:
“I just want you to see the other side of what you did for Josh and me…. You have no idea how much healing that was. It wasn’t even that he got a bear it was getting to do something “normal”. It was great bonding time for him and me and it was quite healing for Mom to see him happy and smile again after being so sick. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing and you guys are doing a wonderful, wonderful thing!”

Here are a few more comments from the Mother...

"What a wonderful trip you put together for us. Southern Colorado Outfitters was just like family and opened their arms and home to us. It was very impressive to watch Steve with my son. We will call him the bear whisperer! He had another guy, Joe, help out and he was wonderful".

"Chad from Sportsmen of North America made us feel very comfortable, he even helped sight in my son's gun one more time before Steve got there and gave him some hunting tips and made Mom feel more comfortable about the bears not eating her. We are so appreciative of Heritage Taxidermy for doing the rug and as a bonus bleaching the skull".

"It was nice for my son to be a NORMAL young man again."

She then went on to Thank everyone for their efforts.

We also wish to thank everyone who made this Journey a possibility including CDOW for approving the Dream Hunt Tag.

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