Journey 40
Elk Hunting - Northwest Colorado, September 4 - September 9, 2011

A 12 year old boy fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and wheel chair bound, is all smiles after his hunt in Craig, Colorado.

This young man had his elk hunt donated by Elkhorn Outfitters .

On the first day of his elk hunt, our youngster shot his first elk... one shot, one cow!!!!!!!!

The story could have ended there, successful and happy.

But that wasn’t enough... Elkhorn Outfitters decided to also donate a deer tag... and you guessed it... he got himself a nice 4 point mule deer... one shot from 300 yards!!!!!

Not a bad trip for the first time hunting ever!!!!!!

Joseph’s Journey purchased a special gun rest mount designed for wheel chair use from “Be Adaptive Equipment , which allowed our whippersnapper to shoot from his wheel chair unabated... and just when you thought it was all over, Tony Dohrer with Elkhorn Outfitters also donated so that the young man would have a mount of his deer... his trophy on the wall!

The deer head mount will be presented by Gunsmoke Taxidermy.

Joseph’s Journey coordinated for the lodging, gas, tips for the guides, spending money... and the processing of the meat through Brothers Custom Processing.

Joseph’s Journey would like to thank Tony Dohrer, Chad Mienke, and Jared Kornseld of Elkhorn Outfitters for all of their hard work to make this Journey happen, for their dedication to our hunter, and for their extreme generosity!!!!!

We cannot thank you enough for everything you did above and beyond for this young gentleman!!!!!!!!!

Elkhorn Outfitters bent over backwards to make this hunt a success... not only for the agreed upon elk tag, but also extended your generosity and provided a deer tag and taxidermy as well... oh yeah, and you baked a cake!

We would also like to thank Bob Dillman for all of his efforts in putting this together!

Here is a quote from our huntsman’s Dad “I am speechless about the generosity of Joseph's Journey and Elkhorn Outfitters. My son and I are extremely grateful for everything. He had the time of his life. Elkhorn Outfitters asked him to come back again sometime”.

Below, is a copy of the letter that our young man wrote to Joseph’s Journey and Elkhorn Outfitters.

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