Journey 41
Elk Hunting - Cortez, November 5 - November 9, 2011

A 15 year old boy contending with Hodgkins Lymphoma, brought down a nice 5 point bull elk while hunting with Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters .

A huge thanks goes out to Mike & Jason Hall with Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters !!!

........and we'd like to throw in a big thanks to the owner of the Beaver Mountain Ranch as well!

We cannot thank you all enough for everything you did above and beyond for our young feller!!!!!!!!!

We would also like to thank Wyona Bane from Bane's Custom Packing, for donating half of the meat processing fees!

At this writing, there is no webpage for Bane's, but we encourage everyone to give Wyona a call at (970) 565-3011 for your game preparation needs.

Our elk hunter decribes his Journey:
"The trip with Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters ..........
..was everything I expected. The first day out I saw a lot of elk and a smaller bull. The second day we spotted a lot of elk on Little Beaver Mtn.

Mike and I stalked up the hill after them. We got less than 60 yards away from them. A bunch of cow elk ran up the hill in front of us then stopped.

That was followed by cow calls, and the first cow bark I've ever heard.

I wont soon forget that sound!!

When we went out on Monday, it was a cold snowy morning.

We walked down a hill and got 250 yards from a nice 5x5 bull......I made a perfect shot!!!

It was the best thing that happed for me this year!

It started out bad, and I have looked forward to this very trip for the whole year.

This trip was a once in a life time chance and experience I will never forget..."

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