Journey 43
ATV trip - Buena Vista, CO, August 27 - September 1,2012

A 9 year old boy taking on Juvenile Pilacytic Astrocytoma, went on an ATV adventure while staying at Thunder Lodge .

A huge thanks goes out to Darthula at Thunder Lodge !!!

We received this letter from our little friend:

Dear Joseph’s Journey,

Thank you for such a great journey! It was the first trip I ever had that was just my dad and me.

It was such a nice time. When we first got to Thunder Lodge I said, “Wow, this is generous!”

It was wonderful to sleep next to the stream.

The first morning, we ate a good breakfast at the Evergreen Café . Then we went for an ATV ride. It was so fun! We went up a black sand road and saw a ghost town.

That was cool! I’ve always wanted to drive an ATV and my dad taught me and let me drive most of the time.

Once I drove right next to some cows. Moooo...over!

We drove down a steep hill to a lake and fished a little. It was great to ride every day for a few hours.

And the views were really nice. Now I know how to drive an ATV!!!

In between riding we went fishing. Once we went swimming at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, which was great because I was hoping we could go swimming on this trip too.

Some men that were expert fly-fishermen taught me how to fly-fish on our last day.

They taught me how to swing the rod back and forth, and I actually caught one fish.

I have lots of good memories from this trip.

Thank you for letting me and my dad have a great five days together!

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