Journey 46
Buffalo Hunt - Cook Station, MO, September 14 - 16,2012

An 18 year old young man fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma, went on a buffalo hunt while staying at High Adventure Ranch.

Again, Joseph's Journey partnered with Chuck Eckert and Monty Pitts. THANKS guys, and all who helped!!!

Our young man's choice was to have his Grandfather accompany him on this hunt.

Our hunter has the experience under his belt, as he has been hunting since he was 12.

Didn't take him long to put his cross-hairs on the beast!

Thanks to the generosity of Toni Brock and the assistance from Yvonne Talarico at Adcom Worldwide - Denver for donating the freight costs and transporting the meat back to Colorado for our young man!!!!!!

Please also visit our friends at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society .

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