Journey 9
August 12-15, 2002

On August 12-15, 2002, Alaska Legends provided an all-inclusive river front package including salmon fishing and sight seeing at their Alaskan lodge on the Kenai Peninsula for a 17-year-old fighting Ewing Sarcoma and has lost a leg due to the cancer. Shortly before leaving on her journey to Alaska, she found out that she had relapsed and the cancer had returned. Despite the relapse, she had a great time on her journey and enjoyed salmon fishing and sightseeing. Joseph's Journey provided the airfare to Alaska and back.

She is undergoing treatment and fighting her cancer once again. The biggest success that this journey provided was giving this "journey child" optimism for a future. At one time she wouldn't make plans for more than a week at a time... she is now planning out a year in advance! She died July 2003. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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