Journey Bios

Journey #50 l June 18-25, 2016
A 20 year old young lady from Littleton, Colorado
A wonderful week at Cherokee Park Ranch in Livermore, Colorado.


Journey #49   l   July 20-24, 2015
An 18 year old young man from Littleton, Colorado 
Fishing trip on horseback through the Yellowstone area in Wyoming.

Journey #48   l   December 26-29, 2014
A 16 year old young man from Rapid City, South Dakota
Special Sports Authority Journey with the Denver Broncos

Journey #47   l   November 9 - 16, 2014
A 17 year old young man fighting Rhabdomyosarcoma, successfully completed a Moose hunt with BC Guide Outfitters in British Columbia, Canada

Journey #46   l   September 14 - 16, 2012
An 18 year old young man fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma, went on a buffalo hunt while staying at High Adventure Ranch .

Journey #45   l   August 24 - 26, 2012
An 11 year old boy with Hodgkins Lymphoma, went on a wild boar hunt while staying at High Adventure Ranch .

Journey #44   l   July 2 - July 18, 2012
A 12 year old young man, battling brain cancer, went on a tour/camping trip in Yellowstone National Park Thanks to Jolynn at Competition RV for coming through so quickly on a RV rental for Joseph's Journey!

Journey #43   l   August 27 - September 1, 2012
A 9 year old boy taking on Juvenile Pilacytic Astrocytoma, went on an ATV adventure while staying at Thunder Lodge.

Journey #42   l  
A 20 year old young man dealing with the onslaught of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, enjoyed a fly fishing float trip with Taylor Creek Fly Shop.

Journey #41   l   November 5 - November 9, 2011
A 15 year old boy contending with Hodgkins Lymphoma, brought down a nice 5 point bull elk while hunting with Colorado Elk Camp Outfitters.

Journey #40   l   September 4 - September 9, 2011
A 12 year old boy fighting Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and wheel chair bound, is all smiles after his hunt in Craig, Colorado.

Journey #39   l   December 26-29, 2014
A 17 year old young man who is in remission from Lymphoma requested to go on a Bear Hunt.

Journey #38   l   August 27 - 28, 2011
A 6 year old boy who is currently fighting ALL Leukemia requested to go fishing on a boat. He will be undergoing treatment for 2 1/2 more years if all goes well.

Journey #37   l   July 24 - 27,2011
A 13 year old girl who is fighting Ewing Sarcoma wanted to learn how to fly-fish.

Journey #36   l   June1 - 1, 2011
An 18 year old who is fighting a rare form of Soft Tissue Sarcoma (Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor) went on a Bear Hunt in Auburn, Wyoming (near Jackson Hole, WY.) His guide was Tedd Jenkins of Jenkin's Hunting Camp. Lodging was provided by Snider's Rustic Lodge in Thayne, WY

Journey #35   l   January 31,2011
A 17 year old young man fighting Large cell, B-cell Lymphoma went on a goose hunt in Colorado, near Gilcrest.

Journey #34   l   September 5-13, 2009
A 14 year old boy went on a bear hunt in Alberta, Canada.

Journey #33   l   July 1-9, 2009
A 19 year old girl who has been fighting Ewings Sarcoma went on a Camping/Wildlife adventure in Alaska. A special thanks to Ken at Wilkinson Expeditions for providing guide service for this trip and for going above and beyond!

Journey #32   l   December 5th - 8th, 2008
An 11 year old boy from Maryland, who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta is wheelchair bound and has gone through 17 surgeries and numerous medical procedures, was able to enjoy a buffalo hunt donated by SCI, The Four Corners Chapter of Safari Club International.

Journey #31   l   December 5th - 7th, 2008
A 16 year old boy fighting Ewings Sarcoma, from Pueblo, Colorado went on a dog sledding adventure.

Journey #30   l   September 26 - 30th, 2007
A 20 year old from Michigan who has had a kidney transplant and is still on dialysis every 3 days along with multiple other problems wanted to go White Tail Deer Hunting.

Journey #29   l   September 17 - 29th, 2007
A 14 year old girl fighting ALL Leukemia went on a Moose Hunt provided and donated by Ken Gangler of Canadian Sub-Arctic Hunts in Manitoba, Canada Carl Wall, Executive Director of Manitoba Lodge & Outfitters Assoc. was a great help in putting this journey together.

Journey #28   l   August 1 - 4th, 2007
On August 1st through the 4th, 2007 a “camping trip” was provided for a 5 year old girl that is fighting heart problems and Down’s Syndrome.

Journey #27   l   May 12 - 22nd, 2007
On May 19th a 10 year old from Nebraska was able to have his request of a camping trip before he died. We received an emergency call from a social worker at Children’s Hospital on May 9th.

Journey #26   l   Dec. 12 - 16th, 2006
A White Tail Deer hunt was provided to a 10 year old who is fighting Hodgkins Disease. We were able to make this hunt possible with the help of many special people who went out of their way to make this a special time for the boy and his father.

Journey #25   l   September 30 to Oct. 9th,2006
This young man had kidney failure just a few days prior to leaving for his journey. He was not able to go on the journey and died in early October 2006

Journey #24   l   August 19 -25, 2006
On August 19 a 14 year old from Montrose, CO. and his father traveled to Quebec, Canada to hunt Caribou. This young man is currently fighting a form of Lymphoma.

Journey #23   l   November 14, 2005
On November 14, 2005, a 16 year old boy from Oregon who is fighting a rare form of sinus cancer arrived in Denver, was met and taken to The Sportsmen's Warehouse where he was completely outfitted for his elk hunt.

Journey #22   l   October 21-23, 2005
On October 21-23, 2005 a 17 year old who is fighting Ewing Sarcoma and has had hip surgery due to this cancer went Buck hunting with Golden Gate Outfitters in Colorado.

Journey #21   l   October 20-24, 2005
Was to take place on October 20-24, 2005 for an 18 year old fighting his second occurance with cancer.

Journey #20   l   June 1 & 2, 2005
On June 1 & 2, 2005 a 15 year old boy was provided a deep sea fishing trip off of Long Island, New York. This young man has been wheelchair bound for most of his life and has limited arm strength and daily challenges.

Journey #19   l   May 6 - 13, 2005
This young man is fighting Ewing Sarcoma and has been through many medical treatments including chemo. He and his father flew from Denver to Grande Prairie, Canada and spent 6 days and nights hunting Black Bear with Mighty Peace Outfitting.

Journey #18   l   October 2, 2004
This young man has been fighting hodgskins disease went through all the chemo and treatments, relapsed and went through a bone marrow transplant. He is currently in remission.

Journey #17   l   October 2, 2004
This young man has been fighting ALL leukemia for 13 years. He has been through more than anyone should ever have to endure, from chemo treatments, radiation, surgery to a bone marrow transplant. He went through all the treatments and was in remission twice only to relapse and have to endure the treatments again and then finally go through a bone marrow transplant. He is currently in remission.

Journey #16   l   June 9-11, 2004
He has been fighting his terminal illness for most of his 11 years and has many challenges to face daily. He and his family were able to enjoy two whole days of guided fishing provided at a discount by Larry of Eleven Mile Sports and Marina.

Journey #15   l   January 12-15, 2004
On January 12th - 15th, 2004 a young man 18 years of age who has been fighting Leukemia since he was 11 years old and endured many chemo treatments for over 5 years of his life was able to go on a deer hunt in Waterton Canyon.

Journey #14   l   August 26, 2003
On August 26, 2003 a 14 year old fighting AML- Leukemia, having gone through a bone marrow transplant and now has complications from severe Graft Versus Host Disease went fishing in a boat.

Journey #13   l   August 12, 2003
On August 12, 2003 a 6 year old fighting ALL- Leukemia requested a jet ski adventure. This sounded fairly easy to accomplish until we actually started contacting people who might be able to provide such an adventure.

Journey #12   l   August 11, 2003
On August 11, 2003, a 6 year old fighting leukemia went fishing on a boat. Fishing was difficult due to the heat and the falling water level, despite this a great time was had by all.

Journey #11   l   November 9-13, 2002
On November 9-13th, 2002, a 16-year-old fighting Ewing Sarcoma with a leg amputation enjoyed an elk hunting journey donated and provided by Ute Lodge.

Journey #10   l   September 14-15, 2002
On September 14-15, 2002, Colorado Mountain Adventures donated and provided a horseback and fishing journey to a 10-year-old fighting a tumor.

Journey #9   l   August 12-15, 2002
Alaska Legends provided an all-inclusive river front package including salmon fishing and sight seeing at their Alaskan lodge on the Kenai Peninsula for a 17-year-old fighting Ewing Sarcoma and has lost a leg due to the cancer.

Journey #8   l   July 30, 2002
Troll-In-Thunder provided a fishing journey at a discounted price to Wolford Reservoir for a 12-year-old who is currently fighting lymphoblastic lymphoma.

Journey #7   l   November 3-7, 2001
a 16-year-old with Leukemia who has relapsed twice since the age of 11, requested to go on a big game hunt.

Journey #6   l   October 13-17, 2001
a 20-year-old fighting Ewing Sarcoma since he was 11 was given the chance to go big game hunting.

Journey #5   l   September 22, 2001
Troll-In-Thunder provided a second journey at a discounted price at Wolford Reservoir.

Journey #4   l   June 29, 2001
a 6-year-old suffering from A.L.L Leukemia since he was 3-years-old went fishing on a motor boat, as he specifically requested.

Journey #3   l   2001
A 10-year-old with ALL (a type of leukemia) was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 3. He was in remission and then relapsed.

Journey #2   l   2001
A 7-year-old who has a brain tumor and has undergone many surgeries and treatments wanted to go on a horseback ride.

Journey #1   l   August 20, 2000
Our first journey was August 20th, 2000 for a 13-year-old with Ewing Sarcoma (cancer). He went through chemo treatments and then went into remission.